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Saturday, July 26th, 2008
10:01 am
Am I Out of Line?
 Okay, so I train over at my school alot. Of course, as you progress there will others coming behind you.
So how do you handle it when they call you "sir"? I think it's an honor to be called that in a TKD school. But that title goes to the teachers, and I'm just another student. I have asked them not to call me "sir" and say that is something I haven't earned yet. 
How do I respond to that? I'm just young and stupid I guess.
Saturday, March 8th, 2008
9:55 pm
Berner's introduction
Well it'll be a while before this community picks up, if it picks up at all. But either way, I'm not looking for glamour or popularity points here, so however big or small it gets, doesn't matter to me any way :)

Okay introduction time...

Well I live up in Canada and I'm not taking anything right now. It's been a while before I've taken anything but I've been thinking about getting into something, most likely it'll be some variety of MMA. For a few years I took Shaolin Kempo Karate. It was through Fred Villari studios and it was a generic mix of Kempo Karate and Five Animal Style Kung Fu, along with some Ju Jitsu thrown in to round it all out. I took that way back in my high school years and got to 3rd kyu brown belt. I really enjoyed the kung fu side of it the most and seemed to be more geared towards Crane techniques than anything, since I've always been more of a defensive martial artist, not to mention I'm pretty lax.

But anyways, I started all that when I was 14 but then my instructor moved on to persue other interests and I just didn't really like the new instructor we got. So I spent the next few years going from style to style trying to see if there was anything out there to catch my interest until I found "Systema". So I did that for a little bit, but unfortunately it was right around the time where I had to find a job, so I didn't have the time to persue my interest through Systema aka: Russian Martial Art.

I'd probably get back into it if there was an instructor closer to home, so I figure until then, my Systema days are over. So it's time to start looking for something else and I have my eye on a couple of options.
8:14 pm
Hello martial art furries and martial art furry fans :)

Welcome to the martial art furry live journal community. If you're into the martial arts and you're a furry, then by all means you're welcome here. I made this community up as a way for the seemingly large volume of furries who take a martial art to be able to come here and share their common interest with other furry martial artists.

My best suggestion if you're the new guy and you want to get to know people, would be to make an introduction. Tell us about yourself and which martial art you're into, or even a fan of if you're not taking anything. If you are doing something, feel free to tell us how long you've been doing it. If you have suggestions for other users, feel free to mention those too :)
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